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Life Principles: Lessons from Surah Al-Noor
  • Never believe a rumour, if you are unsure just say “I do not believe this”
  • Do not gossip & back bite. Staying quiet when someone gossips is amounting to joining hands with the evil do’ers.
  • Adultery /physical relationship between a man & a woman without marriage is totally forbidden & is the biggest sin after disbelief in One true God.
  • Grave punishment is for unlawful love affairs so that they become an example for all to behave. Also those who are punished may not be accountable for this sin in the hereafter.
  • Anyone putting blame & falsely accusing & defaming a woman should be given the same grave punishment.
  • Do not even take that path which “might” attract you towards an unlawful relationship
  • Do not consume Alcohol, it is unpure & leads to sins
  • Keep guard of children & the sanctity of their innocence
  • Donot enter anyones house without permission, go away & donot mind if unpermitted.
  • Teach children/servants (applies to everyone also )not to enter other’s bedrooms without permission at sleeping/nap times esp.,before dawn/Fajr, afternoon/Zuhr & at night/after isha time.
  • Do not go to people’s houses at odd hours or before appointed time.
  • A Muslim is not a muslim if he does not care or work for community. Muslim or non Muslim Community work is a must.
  • You can eat & use things without hesitation from your own house & your Aunty/ Uncles & Grandparents houses with good manners. People with special needs may also do so furthermore they also have a right upon the whole community and should be included in all occasions.
  • Women should cover all parts of their body & accessories that are attractive & gain attention. This is their Hijab
  • Men should not look at any woman. This is their Hijab
  • Perfect Hijab for Men & Women is one which is inclusive of keeping eyes, hearts & thoughts pure from any evil.
  • There is no restriction of dress code between a husband & wife.
  • Men can be in company of their Mothers, Grandmothers, Mother-inlaw, sisters, nieces, aunties & daughters freely within good manners & proper dress. These are the women he can never Marry.
  • Women can show their dress & accessories to other women & their Mehram – brother, father, grandfather, father/mother’s brothers, son & nephews – these are the men she can never Marry.
  • Staying awake unnecessarily after Isha prayers/late at night is a detested habit
  • Momin are those only who submit & abide by God’s commands immediately. Samaina wa Ataina.
  • Do not take lightly a command from the Prophet it is also a “Must Do”.
  • Hypocrites are those whose words & actions oppose each other.

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