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10 Ways to Infuse Your Home with Hygge Vibes | TheNest.com black // white // plants

I have these kind dream house I always wanted. The decor, the renovation, the house itself. I prefer a house that I proud to call a home, not simply a house that you need to live, and to sleep. 

Sadly I don't have money, which mean I'm not a rich girl. My parent won't let me decorate my own room with my own preference stuffs and yeaaa, I'm a student, jobless. But a girl can dream what she want, right? So here it isss... oh and by the way, all the pictures I put in here were all from pinterest (I know right? They got the best pictures kababoom! Much LOVES for the creator of pinterest.) 

1.0 The House (EXTERIOR)

So what kind of house that you would prefer to live in? A condominium? An apartment? A penthouse on the top of most highest building in the heart of city? Or just simply, regular house in a small neighbourhood?

For me, I like small neighbourhood, but having this quite distant gap between houses. You don't want them to hear your madness, nor seeing chaotic scene when your family having issues. Yassss, can relate!

Modern farmhouse design with steel windows painted pale grey | Giannetti Home and Jones Builders Group wowza. will it fit a me, a future guy, future cat and dog and possibly 8 future kids in it? LOVE this houseee

This is so my thing! I really love white. Yes, my dream house would be a bit like Victorian, but I also prefer a bit of minimalist concept. White could make a house look exclusive and rich. Not only that, it make it look elegance and radiant. White is everything. It could combine with a bit of wood, or bricks and also maybe match it with few different shades of colour, e.g pastel greyish or offwhite? 

This space makes my heart skip a beat.  What a perfect transition from the interior and those doors make my heart skip a beat!  Love every little bit of this. i images of beautiful joinery

Look at this side. Look at the joinery door ! Oh, my god how can you not love this door? It's perfect. Seriously. It's a beautiful set up for a get together family gathering, or any friends or guest to sit, drink tea and enjoy the scenery, rather than just sitting inside in the comfy living room, watching television. My house should have this kind of set up. Ah, I should have a garden. A beautiful, picturesque garden that could soothe me whenever I feel stuffy with works and life. A gateway ! I'm in love with that shrubs and the white pots. 

#casas #fachada Glamorous and exciting architecture inspiration. See more midcentury or modern pieces at http://essentialhome.eu/
    Musterhaus - Musterhaus Online
 Einfamilienhaus im Landhausstil mediterran mit Satteldach-Architektur - Haus Evolution 136 V6 Bien Zenker Fertighaus Ideen - HausbauDirekt.de Architettura

This is a beautiful house, but I'm gonna painted it white ! And change the roof pattern. 

 Even for those who have a simple apartment balcony, make no mistake, these ideas can completely turn your tiny outdoor space into the perfect balcony lounge. For more ideas go to glamshelf.com Lavender Hill Interiors

That swing is a fantastic thing you must have in your list. Not just a simple swing, but a beautiful, sophisticated and minimalist concept wrapped in one style! Just look at that ! A perfect place for me to relax my mind, enjoying my tea while reading my favourite novel. Oh, my...


Love this path from patio through trees. Could make this work in my backyard. Лоджия в стиле прованс
  отделка балкона в скандинавском стиле: 18 тыс изображений найдено в Яндекс.Картинках
Vertical gardening inspiration (32) the curious bumblebee
Pretty courtyard Gather Home + Lifestyle dedicates itself to curating beautifully simple goods—it’s a haven for purists and minimalists.
An ex-rental in Auckland’s Beach Haven with a once-tired weatherboard exterior has been transformed into a modern bohemian dream In a nutshell Who lives here? Amanda Fitzsimmons (full-time mum and stylist/artist for Rococo and Rose), husband Tim (portfolio manager), Phoebe, 9, Archie, 7, and cats Frankie and Romy. What attracted you to Beach Haven? Originally, it was … This deck makeover includes so many great outdoor decorating ideas, from a hang bench to modern cable railing. It's hard to choose our favorite. Great design work by Sarah Dorsey of Sarah M. Dorsey Design. See her deck makeover on The Home Depot Blog. || /smdorsey/Amazing reno with 230k profit - castle hill Australia

Moroccan Pool.

It would be perfect if I have a pergola at my backyard. My backyard I'd prefer greenish, garden  concept. But not too much of bushes and tree. i don't want it to look like i own a jungle behind my house.  Green concept would make my house a bit cold and not really too hot during day. 

okay guys, up to this level first. The exterior concept. This would what I want. But, in a way I would prefer minimalist concept over anything. As for the interior design, I'll update later. HAHA. 

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