5:51:00 PM

I'm happy after meeting my senior at the hospital. I took a picture with her and as I saw her friend was waiting for her, so we rushed ending our conversation with smiling and waving. I went home and told him about my senior. He asked me if I send her his regard. And shit i forgot about it!I told him I forgot. But I can text her. Suddenly, he said he was frustrated with me because I forgot to sampaikan his 'salam' to her. What is this. Then he accused me; I always forgot about him in my life. This is unfair. I cannot accept this. Sebelum ni kata I always busy with other important, interesting things. I didn't have time for him. I gave him time, but it always not enough for him. 

What am I supposed to do.. I tried sort my schedule of the day. My time. I love him.. but I need time for myself too. I have my own things to do. My own space. My own life. 
I can give more time to him. So I have to sacrifice other thing. Not playing The Sims might help a little. Hmm. I love playing that game tho. 

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