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FAQ on Medical School - Getting In & Getting Through It - Stethoscopes, Simplicity & Syrah


So I'm gonna share with you gaisss my template for clerking patient. Well, this is just a basic thing that you need to ask when you clerk a patient. In paediatric ward, you can't really take genuine history from the child. I mean, how you're gonna take history from a child right? They might be crying so loud that even the parent would thought you're an incompetent doctor at that time. Haaaa, so take history from the parent, NOT from their grandmother, their uncles, their sibling (depend on situation) or other unrelated people who came with the patient. Preferably take history from the mother. Mother know the best! They can provide all information you wanted to know. 

There are 2 templates that I did for my study purpose. 
  • For template A, I put few things from Geeky Medic. Reference source is from Geeky Medic.
  • As for template B, I re-edited it and followed a bit like Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab (HRPZ) II history template. Reference source is from Geeky Medic.

Template A View

Template B View

Please don't claimed this as your own, and do not re-upload or share it without permission. Thank you !

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