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Growing up with siblings of doctors, my dad always advised us with an important advice, so profound that I remember it till today.

" Medical is a world of silent bragging. Everyone brags. From housemen to consultants. Just remember to keep yourself rooted. Always."

I've worked for almost 6 years. And I have to say, you are right Dad. Very very right.

Everyone brags in this field. Some doctors brag about their qualifications. Others brag about their experience.

Some brags about their management. Others brags about their skills.

Some mo think the ho don't deserve to become doctors. But they forget the fact they become mo is because they just happen to finish housemanship earlier. Not because they are more qualified.

Some specialists look down down on other doctors. They forget that passing your exam early doesn't mean you are more qualified as a specialist. Failing exam and passing late doesn't mean you are less qualified.

Consultants look down on specialists.
Specialists look down on mo.
Mo look down on ho.
Senior ho look down on junior ho.
Ho look down on nurses.
Clinicians look down on non clinicians.
Big hospitals look down on district hospitals.
Hospitals look down on KK.

It never stops!

How do we respond to those who brag?

My dad's way is simple :

" If people brag. Let them be. Its their way of boosting up their falling self esteem. Confident people dont brag. They dont need to put people down to feel good about themselves. So if these people brag, just feel sorry for them. But if they belittle you, speak up!"

Trust me.

It. Works.


Ps : tak perlulah rasa diri hebat. Masuk kubur kena jadi makanan cacing jugak.....

HO - Houseman
MO - Medical Officer
KK - Klinik Kesihatan

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