A cat named Ahmad Bobo

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Okay, today I'm gonna share with you gaisss about my friend's cat named Bobo. He's a lovely cat, 3 years old and sooooo freaking manja ! First of all, why I love cats? well, aren't they cute ?! Their paws, their purrrr purrrrr.... it kinda made my day when I and my housemates came back and Bobo was welcoming us home. Awhhhh ! 

Their butts do NOT remind me of stars. .........okay, well, NOW they do. Thanks for that, infographic. :P

So I was having a mild fever with throbbing headache last night and this little Bobo (ummph, okay not so little as he is obese..) came to my room and hang out with me. Basically he just came to sleep. I don't know why he loves my small, humble room. Hahaha, maybe sebab ada I ! Okay....


So I was absent from class today. Not sure what happen in the hospital as I was not there. I knew today Prof Safwat will taught us about paediatric hematology, but it will be conducted in seminar and presented by students. Hmm, I hope everything he taught just now were the same as last year. I still have his notes and lecture power point. Oh well, I opened the door and there he is ! Awhh ! What I like about Bobo is, dia pandai poop kat pasir dia sendiri. He won't poop at random place. He's a nice cat :)

C'est avec du retard et mille excuses que je vous souhaite une merveilleuse année 2015, en espérant... L'hiver avec mon chat / Winter with my cat <3

And yeaaa, soon he enter my room and he slept there till noon. Urghh this cat... nasib baik comel. Bobo ni kacukan from 2 baka kucing. If I'm not mistaken, Audi mentioned it American Long Hair and Persian.  And he is fat and obese because he loves to sleep, and eat, and then go to sleep again. 
Bobo is afraid of thunder and darkness. He also, like others cats, afraid of height and water. Actually, he hates water so much. Not to forget, he also very scare to new people, especially guys. I don't know why. He is jantan, yet he scared of boys. Weirdo Bobo. 

I like to call him in few different nicknames. I think he already used to it. Liyana used to call him 'Bobito', with mexican tone. As for me, of course there's many. I called him Boboq, Bubur, Obo-obo, Ahmad Bobo... but i like to call him Ahmad Bobo. Yeah.. no specific reason.

Well... do you know that cat has things called cat language? You don't know? Okay I'm gonna tell you eventho you already knew it (whatever). Hahaha (plss bear with me...)

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What Do Cat Want: Cat Language! A big thank you to the Training and Behavior Dept of Oregon Humane Society for their help with cat body language information.

We got pretty good at reading dog behavior, but what about cats :)

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  self care is important tho
truth  quote HD: If you love cats, can you honestly say you have a true friend who doesn't like them?

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