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El Dr. Hingston operando en el Hôtel-Dieu Hospital (Dr. Hingston performing surgery at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital). Joseph-Charles Franchère. 1905. Localización: Musée des Hospitalières de l'Hôtel-Dieu (Montréal).


Tak sabar rasanya nak pergi melawat ward psychiatric. I already started to love this posting as Prof. Dr. Nawan is so cute and semangat gila bagi lecture. Today is the 2nd day of posting, and tomorrow we will start to visit the ward and clerking patient. Nina and Audi went for a visit just now (I and Liyana went to Merbau Printing House to photostat the textbooks) and Nina kinda devastated to see the ward. She was scared. With the patient. Geez, I hope I'm okay with them. I'm not sure, but certainly memang akan ada rasa takut deep inside my heart. Hahaha. I hope no patient will attached to me, and so do I toward them. I love this posting because it allow you to understand and study thoughts of human. You got access to it. You can study how come this patient think differently, unlike the rest of other normal people. Why are they being like that and what are the turning point? What happen exactly?

Actually, I was drafting a novel since last year, a psychiatry type of story. It's about a girl, working as a doctor at psychiatric department facing some hardship in life and she encounters so many mysterious event regarding patient bed number 13. But funny is nobody knew the patient. They could not read the file as if the chief wanted to keep it from others confidential so badly. So yeah. The tittle is ADELIA. Still drafting and I hope I can finish it by this year? Hahaha, maybe. We'll see. 

Do you know that in early days, abnormal behavior was always thought as evil spirits trying to get out. Trephining was often used. And what was this Trephning thing? Yup, digging inside the brain to see what happen. 

An illustration demonstrating the surgical instruments used for trephining. By Nicolas Henri Jacob from 'Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme' by Marc Jean Bourgery, 1831.

And today, we were taught about so many interesting ideas and terminologies that need to be know, memorize it by heart. Phenomenology/Psychopathology was cool. We learnt to differentiate hallucination, illusion and delusion. 

Prof taught us with so many funny examples and ways to tackle the patient's attention when we're clerking them. Lets hope this 4 weeks of posting will be the best one in 3rd year of medical school.

Oh by the way, we 're using few textbooks that were recommended by our lecturer. 

Image result for mastering psychiatry a core textbooks for undergraduates

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