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It's been 3 weeks now I'm in this posting. I learnt so many things, new things ! One thing out of so many things that I learnt was, not all psychiatric patient is a lunatic, or crazy people. Yes, some of them might be crazy, diagnosed with certain types of mental disorders. But, there are also patient that suffering from personality disorders. Now, this is hard to see in the ward, I've never met these kind of people yet. I has only seen patient who'd been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 

Believe me, it was really one new experience for me to encounter these patients. I get to learn what lead them to be like that. How things can become worst if you're didn't seek for help earlier. I see it all there. I feel sorry for the patient. Most of them said that they were unhappy because their family didn't come to visit them. Hmm. 

I really love this posting, maybe because of the lecturer? I really, really love Prof Nawan's style of teaching. He taught us in a 'sempoi' and very 'santai' way. He'll make sure all of us understand. So many jokes, funny moments and laughter shared together in a small room, at the 3rd level of Lincoln's building, opposite The Royal Ward bulding of HRPZII. 

So every posting will always has an end posting exam before shifted to another postings (Duhhh, the name itself obviously state it's meaning?). Hmm. So many things to catch up and so many things to read. Exam is around the corner. You gotta memorize the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for certain important diseases. Sighhh. 


They said, one of us has failed the end posting exam in previous posting; Family Medicine & Community Medicine. I was so scared as the questions a bit tough for me as I didn't actually pay attention to the subjects. It was a very boring course/subject. I even accidentally slept for an hour in one of the classes, and guess what? That's the one that came out in the exam. In the SEQ part. I'm so dead !

Oh, well.  
Doakan yuyu dan rakan rakan pass with flying colours in last end posting examination! And then we all can say goodbye to Year 3, and HELLO YEAR 4 ! 2 MORE YEARS TO GO.

Pardon my broken English :)

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