The Normal Cardiovascular System

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Wow! This is really intense if you think about it....abeating heart awaiting transplant

So today is all about the heart. What about it? I'm gonna share to you gaisssss few videos that had been helping me a lot while I'm studying. Of course it is from the youtube channels. The easiest video channel you can search to. Let's start from scratch. 

First, you need to know and understand the anatomy of heart. The landmark and the area of heart. If you go to a new place, you need to know the area, the places and the landmarks right in order to know that new place. So that you won't get lost.

McGraw-Hill animations:

Then we proceed to the physiology of heart. This time, you need to know and understand (and memorize as well!) about the function of heart and how it works normally. If you don't know the normal function of heart, how will you distinguish it with the abnormal function?

Do you know how to interpret electrical activity of the heart? We use ECG to monitor the electrical activity of the heart. So what is ECG?

For me, I really like the '11 steps to read an ECG'. It's the same as Dr. Nik taught us in the class. The systems or the steps that needed to read an ECG.

11 steps:

  1. Rhythm
  2. Rate
  3. Axis
  4. P-wave
  5. P-R Interval
  6. QRS complex
  7. Q wave
  8. R wave
  9. S wave
  10. S-T segment changes
  11. T wave

18.5 Pacemaker cells trigger action potentials throughout the heart: Human Anatomy and Physiology:

Ekg ~ **P, now define what each step means exactly:

Ecg Reading | ... an ECG printout, let's focus on a single beat from a single electrode:

ECG interpretation flow chart:

Heart Block Poem :

EKG Basics:
Bundle Branch Block:

from 2 Vintage Anatomical Prints guts blood Medical Diagrams skull skeleton illustrations Anatomy Print Paper Ephemera Old Victorian:
Wanna try to label all those organs? :D

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