Respiratory System Pictures & Mnemonic

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Lungs Art Print Lung Watercolor by LyonRoad on Etsy:

Wish I had this to memorize during nursing school:

Spirometry Definitions:

Respiratorio: volumenes:


PFTs - Oh man, I'm gonna need this for reviewing Pulm Physio:


OSCE made easy… Illustrated! - Respiratory Inspection:

OSCE made easy… Illustrated! - Respiratory Palpation - Percussion:

OSCE made easy… Illustrated! - Respiratory Auscultation:

Order of Auscultating Lung Sounds:

Breath sound locations:

lung physical examination findings:

Photos | Neuros- Social Networking For Medical Students:

Sign of Pulmonary Diseases

Diseases of the Lung anatomy poster shows prominent diseased lung with 8 close-up illustrations of specific diseases.:


Common respiratory conditions:

The 6 P's of Dyspnea: Pump failure, Pneumonia, Pneumothorax, Pulmonary embolism, Pulmonary bronchial constriction, & Possible foreign body. Mnemonics for Nursing Assessment of the Respiratory System.:

Flu vs cold:

Asthma nursing-tools:
Photos | Neuros- Social Networking For Medical Students:

TB #nursing:

#pneumonia #askdoctorhansen:


Stages of COPD:

COPD patho:

COPD - Emphysema (“Pink puffer”):
chronic bronchitis / blue bloater:


pneumothorax ADULTS II Exam #2:
Tension Pneumothorax: a Medcomic Emergency:

Respiratory Acidosis Nursing Management - Nurseslabs:

Respiratory Acidosis:
Respiratory Alkalosis Nursing Management - Nurseslabs:

Respiratory Alkalosis:

Nursing Mnemonics and Tips: Pulmonary emboli:

Interpretation of Chest X-ray

How to identify and differentiate lung diseases from chest x-ray..:

interpretation of the chest X-ray:

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