Packed weeks !

4:05:00 PM

M Y . I N T E R N A L . M E D I C I N E . S C H E D U L E

Sobs sobs, so pack ! This is for the first 4 weeks out of 8 weeks of Internal Medicine Posting in Tanah Merah. First four weeks are the toughest week as it include the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, GIT system, haematology and cranial nervous system.  

The other remaining four weeks will be the endocrine system, renal system and miscellaneous. Mannnn, I need to study from the beginning as this posting required a lot of reading, memorize facts and understanding skills. *cry*

End posting exam is a week after raya puasa. How can I enjoy this year Hari Raya Aidilfitri? Still wondering which week should I sacrifice.. hehehehe..

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