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Volume 1

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Soah is a girl from a small village suffering from a long, devastating drought. In order to appease the Water God, the most beautiful girl from the village must be sacrificed. Soah is chosen to become Habaek's bride, but instead of dying at the hands of a monster, she is unexpectedly rescued by Habaek and brought to his Kingdom.
As Soah learns to live in a strange new world filled with gods, she is caught up in various intrigues surrounding Habaek and finds it increasingly difficult to know whom she can trust. In the midst of such trouble, she finds she has fallen in love with Mui, unaware that he is the true form of Habaek.

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Spoiler Alert!
I think this is an illustration from the manwha The Bride of the Water God. At least, the style looks the same. Its so beautiful and elegant looking.:
The emperor's 4th wife, Momo (Hooye's mom), pitied the emperor because he feels a lot of grief from being abandoned by people he loved because of his powers, like Suhwangmo and his own mother. The people in his palace also fear him because of his mind-reading powers. Even though she loves him so much that she would never leave him alone, she decides to give him a medicine that will get rid him of his powers. Because she's the only one that he trusts, she easily gets him to drink the medicine. He is enraged when he finds out what just happened and has her locked up.
The war is close at hand and Habaek orders Judong to command the army and fetch Habaek's wife and daughter so he can keep them at a safe place. Habaek will confront the emperor himself in his palace and Hooye offers to go with him because he has to rescue his mom. Habaek says goodbye to Soah and Yuhwa and Soah reveals to him that she's carrying a baby. They decide to name the baby when he returns. Tae Ul Jin visits the Emperor and he finds out the Emperor doesn't have his mind-reading powers anymore and he reports this to Habaek. The Emperor tells Chunwoo (his female servant) to kidnap Soah and Yuhwa and bring them to him.
Finally, Habaek and Hooye arrive at the palace and go their own ways. Hooye finds his mom and his mom tells him that her one desire in life is to be by the Emperor's side. She feels guilty for betraying him but she thought that was the only choice.
Habaek and the Emperor have their battle and Tae Ul Jin arrives and fights alongside Habaek. The Emperor tells Habaek that they are opposites - Habaek is loved by many and the Emperor has been abandoned and betrayed by everyone he knows. As the Emperor's strength slowly dwindles, Hooye arrives and fights on his side. Hooye says that this is the first and last time he will honor his mother's wish - to be with the one she loves.
As the Emperor lays there, Momo holds him and tells him that she will never leave him. Habaek wants to kill the Emperor so that everything may end and Tae Ul Jin reminds him that this is the man responsible for his parents' death. However, Hooye pleads with him to spare his parents. He reveals that the Emperor has not only lost his powers but will also lose his godly status and become human due to the drug. Habaek relents and tells Hooye that they should never appear before him again.
Meanwhile, Chunwoo finds Soah and attacks her. Yuhwa, who seems to have the power to raise the dead, however is still too young to know how to use her powers and helplessly watches her mom slowly die. Yohee appears and she says she will use the last of her remaining spirit (remember that she is neither dead or alive and roams around in spirit because she doesn't want to die or something like that) to help Yuhwa. She lends some of her powers to Yuhwa and takes control of her body. While Yuhwa doesn't yet have enough power to heal Soah, she can bring the burnt Bando tree back to life. She feeds the Bando to Soah.
Soah is also somewhere between life and death and her consciousness seems to be in a spirit world. She sees some memories of herself as a little girl, like the time an old man gave her two red strings and told her that she is destined to love two people. The same old man tells her now that she should "go to where she belongs." (important!)
She awakens in Water Country with Habaek watching over her. She finds out everything is fine and that the fortunetelling old man (same one from the dream I think) has told him that she is carrying a girl. He says he wants to name her Di Hua (the name of a flower - "pearly everlasting reed").
Then, there's a scene where a little girl is talking to an old woman and asking her, "Is it really true that your sister married the Water God, Grandma" and the old woman says yes. She wonders what has happened to her sister. Did she die or is she now immortal?
Back in Water Country, Habaek is looking for his Yuhwa and Tae Ul Jin says Yuhwa went somewhere to play with her 2 little sisters. Habaek is wondering where she got her mischievous side from and TUJ says Habaek was exactly like that as a kid. A servant tells Habaek that something urgent has happened. Habaek rushes to Soah and Soah tells him that she doesn't want to keep eating the Bando anymore because this isn't where she belongs. ("There's no one there like herself" is another meaning of the sentence.)
Soah tells Habaek that she knows that she had nearly died back then and Yuhwa, with the help of Yohee, brought her back to life using the Bando. However, because a Bando only bears one fruit every 3000 years, and with each time its power diminishes, Yuhwa has to exert a lot of her energy in order to help Soah survive. Soah doesn't want to be a burden any longer. Habaek begs her at first and tells her that he would die as well if she does, but she tells him that he has to stay for their children.
She and Habaek reminisce about the past, like how they first met and such. Soah asks him whether he would look for her when she is reincarnated in her next life, and while Habaek jokes that he won't at first, he eventually says he will, no matter what, even if her physical body is different.
Yuhwa says at the end that she bore a grudge against her father and leaves because she thought that he didn't try convincing Soah. She eventually becomes powerful as well.
In the end, Habaek and Soah's memories are shown. Habaek is holding the necklace that he gave Soah during their wedding and promises to find her because she is "his true love and his one true wife."

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