Pregnancy Induced Hypertension : Pre-Eclampsia

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Under pressure: pre-eclampsia signs and treatment #ohbaby #parenting #baby #family #pregnancy:

Hypertension in Pregnancy... Hypertension BEFORE 20 weeks gestation or that lasts longer than 12 weeks postpartum is PRIMARY HYPERTENSION... Gestational HTN is after 20 weeks... Pre-eclampsia is after 20 weeks with proteinuria or end organ damage:


Preeclampsia -> eclampsia:

Signs of Pre - clampsia:

preeclampsia   I had this for more than 11 weeks before the emergency caesarean with my first born. Survived it though!:  Severe preeclampsia HELLP:

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Magnesium Sulfate Toxicity - Antidote is calcium gluconate:

Pre-eclampsia Protein Protein Protein! Something the doctors may not tell you but Protein is the prevention and can even help slow or reverse.:

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