1st day of Obstetric & Gynaecology Posting

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Week of sleeping cups:

F I R S T . D A Y 

First day of O&G posting kinda sucks. I woke up late and reached hospital about 8.50 am, but thank God my group still waiting the head of department to handover duty or something (not sure). So I'm actually not really late. Haha. And then we were introduced to each specialist of O&G. There were four of them and I only can remember two of them; Dr. Salwanah and Dr. Affendi.  Not only the O&G specialists, the staffs and nurses also seems nice and friendly. I love Dr. Salwanah as she taught us during seminar about Bleeding In Early Pregnancy and I understand all of it. So, I have Mr. Ken for surgical, Dr. Haila and Prof Safwat for paediatrics and Dr. Salwanah for O&G.

First day in O&G posting :D

Got this one lecturer that everyone fear off. He was so scary and I'm so nervous when he's around the college. Mann.. he asked us to submit the first case write up end of first week of posting! *sigh*

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Oh well. Baru start posting ni, dah pack and busy! Unlike paediatrics or surgical postings. You need to work hard and study hard. I hope I can adapt with this posting well. 8 weeks of posting !
And now my group tetiba kena present in seminar assigned to Prof Che Anuar T.T

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mentally drained

and Tanah Merah is so hot right now. Panas dia lain macam geng. Musim panas in Kelantan is so not fun at all. Sweaty and migraine. Aiyooo, cannot laaa like this. Bila hujan, sampai banjir jadinya. Bila panas, panas sangat. No in between !

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