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I wasn't expecting to celebrate my birthday grand and all. But, this year is the best celebration ever. I am now officially 24 year and 3 days old. It is hard to digest that I'm 24 already. My face, nor my look doesn't have anything like I'm a 24 year old lady? Hahaha. I'm an adult but, still childish.

So a day before my birthday, my girls took me out. They said they want to try Mr.Dakgalbi. So I'm okay with it because dah lama juga tak jumpa dorng. Nasha will be joining new firm on Monday. Asifa already working at CIMB. And Chiqa continue with her Master, and at the same time working part time as math teacher at a tuition centre. My friends sure are living their life well. I'm happy for them. I'm still studying. Not yet graduated. Another few years more. Sadly, no income. I'm broke.

So coming to my story. We went to Mr. Dakgalbi at Bandar Sri Petaling. Chiqa unable to join us because she's working that night. It were just 3 of us, as usual. Me, Asifa and Nasha. Dakgalbi was okay. They wanted to try the cheesy rice and ramyeon. It was delicious. But I preferred Mr.Dakgalbi at Setia City Mall because all the staffs were handsome (LOL!).

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After that, we went to Hanbing Korean Dessert at SS15 Courtyard, Subang. I'm not a fan of bingsu or any cold kind of dessert, but my dear.. this is an exceptional I must say !

You should try it !!! It was really GOOD ! Hahaha, they said it was my my birthday cake. No cake this year, only bingsu !

I'm glad that we had each other :)

11 years of friendship , and still counting

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