Study now, be proud later :)

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Study now,be proud later.:

Remember previous entry about 2 year old boy with parenteral gastroenteritis? Yes, I'm doing that case for my case write up. Hopefully my grade is maintain. Last time, I got good++ from Prof. Safwat, so I'm hoping this one also can achieve that kind of grade. In Shaa Allah. End posting exam is 5 days away. I'm nervous but I hope everything will be okay. I really hope I can get A for this posting, but I know it is a tough posting, so at least I hope I got B? Well, we had been told that the examiners on that day are Dato' Halim, Prof. Safwat and another one, I'm sorry I couldn't remember his name.  So yeahhh.

Perks of being medical student?

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I'm so hungry and my duit belanja for this month dah habis. I cannot go for groceries shopping. Hmm.

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I just ate instant noodles for buka puasa just now. Well, it was delicious and I still hungry so I made a night snack to fulfil my monsterous appetite.

Taaaadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, a bowl of milo oates :D

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Someone should be baik hati and belanja me all these huwaaaaa ! (literally cry)

And he is still busy playing those games, I don't know why I need to compete with games for his attentions (facepalm)

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So I currently studying in dining hall, using the dining table. I really love large, wide table because it has wider space for my laptop, my books, my stationary and yeaaa my phone, and also my lecture notes and so on. Messy type of people huh. 

The Organised Student:
Yupppppp like theseeeeeeee, that's why I need wider, lager table. Get it now?

Office inspo! Amei? Amei! No #Decorismo tem mais cliques desse ambiente todo by @ikeausa, alias pq ela não vem pro Brasil? Please, come! #homeoffice #office #homedecor:

Seriously I love the background , stuck on the wall like that. But yeaa the desk is too small for me. Not for study, but yeaaa suit to watch movie from laptop or something.

Home Office Inspiration - A Pretty Clean Working Space For Two:  I’d like to present to you eight steps that I use myself to get ready for the next school year. Playlists, gym time, printables, supplies, organization…  It doesn’t matter how slo…:

I really love those kind of chair. I don't know why. Even in the Sim's Freeplay I bought that kind of chairs. Hahaha.

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Buy me a Macbook please ! Sobs sobs..

Purple Buddha project:

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