Nasi Kak Wok RM4

10:35:00 PM

Well dah alang alang ada kat Kelantan ni, kita kena try lah semua makanan ruji mereka kan? 2 years in Kelantan, hopefully semua makanan negeri ni aku dah try.

So today I'm gonna talk about nasi berlauk that I ate for lunch. It was super cheap and portion tu pun dah cukup mengenyangkan. It's called Nasi Kak Wok. I'm not sure why they call it nasi kak wok, but maybe sebab ayam tu digoreng dalam kuali (wok) besar? I guess...... hahaha.

So this Nasi Kak Wok composed of white rice, few small piece of chickens and gulai ? Gulai is like curry but maybe it has less coconut milk or no curry spice? I'm not sure, don't ask me. Haha.. So yeahhh, it only cost me RM4 MYR. It's cheap right? Sometimes you went to other shops or stalls and you eat nasi berlauk, it may cost you more than RM5 MYR with only one part of fried chicken.

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