Liyana's Birthday Celebration

6:24:00 PM

Soft grey & blush hues combined with marble / Some of our favourite things x  by @thedesignchaser:

L I Y A N A' S . B I R T H D A Y

So yeaaa, Liyana's birthday was on 7th January, an Aquarius person she is. We made reservation for 12 persons at Makette Steamboat and Grill, Tanah Merah. 

8.30 pm, me and Nina were still chilling at home. Hahaha, we were supposed to meet them at Makette at 8.15pm ! I was so immersed with the Goblin K-Drama, can't leave my bed and Nina was sleeping peacefully. She's tired (or maybe side effect of medication she took before that...?)

Well, Mira, Aina, Husna and Itey were there, siap dah ambil makanan just tunggu others to come. Man, biyane chingu !

Mirul and Amer joined later. I and Nina managed to grab slice of cake from Secret Recipe, a Macadamia Cake (is it?) hahaha. Well, it went well.  Thankfully. 

Birthday Girl makan free that night, sponsored by Makette itself. Thank you Makette ! Makette's price is  RM20/person, and then boleh makan puas puas. But the food there were not variety enough, to compare with Captain Steamboat or Seoul Garden. I still prefer Captain Steamboat if you want to save money. But Seoul Garden is one of my favourite place for steamboat and grill !

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