3rd week of Paediatric Posting

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M Y . K I N D . O F . D A Y. I N . P A E D I A T R I C 



Well, sekarang ni dah 3rd week of posting, out of 8 weeks. I miss previous posting. Hahaha. handling children were so hard and tired to compare with adult. Seriously. You need all those patience and skills to approach them nicely, so that they can cooperate with you.

Like previous posting, I do have my own kind of idola in that field? So, I have Mr. Ken for my surgical posting. And now I have Dr. Norhaila for my paediatric posting. She is good, graduated from USM also. I love the way she taught us about posting and how to manage certain diseases, certain cases and how to tackle the patient in  a right way. She is one of the specialist in paediatric department. One of doctor that cool and friendly, not easily get irritated.

So I had a session with her today in specialist clinic, along with other my group members. Case for today was child having fever and rashes, presented by Liyana. It was a good history and differ from other cases that we've been clerk and presented to the specialist. I learnt lot of things. I'll post another entry about the case later.

Our cases so far :
Nashriq - Asthma 2' due to bronchopneumonia
Audi - Bronchoasthma
Affan - Allergic reactions due to insect bite
Nina - Acute Post-Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis (Case Write Up)
Me - Leptospirosis
Liyana - Impetigo

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C H I L D . WI T H . F E V E R . A N D . R A S H E S 

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