Mara! Ep by Hanif Omar

1:53:00 PM

Okay this is cool. My senior write few songs and there were really good ! I'm not sure but if I'm not mistaken this is the 3rd album of him. Hahaha, anyway do listen to his songs. This album has 5 songs.

1. Hanif Omar - Penglipur Lara
2. Hanif Omar - Hadapi [ Menampilkan DEWA ] 
3. Hanif Omar - Kau Emas!
4. Hanif Omar - Prinsip [ Menampilkan Erna Syafinaz ]
5. Hanif Omar - Puisi Protes 2 [ Menampilkan Yasmin Ahmad ]

My favourites are Hadapi, Kau Emas! and Prinsip. Already downloaded it ! Hoho!

Feel free to download or get the lyrics from here :

Download !

Hanif Omar

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