Christmas Holiday

11:34:00 PM

Yeaaa holiday mood is here. My first time going home after a while living in Kelantan. Phewwww, lega! Finally can go back to Shah Alam. Oh, oh, I'm already in Paediatric posting. Nothing special much, but I'm glad the nurses (NOT ALL) were being nice to us. Still afraid of the HO and MO. Why lahhhhhhh they tak senyum whenever they come nearer to patient or the parent. I mean, come on.... your patient are compose of neonates, infants, toddler, pre-teen ! How nak menang hati patient if you datang to them, just greet ala kadar and tak senyum. Muka serius acah professional. Well, semua orang pun penat. But, tak susah pun kalau bagi senyuman to any people yang kau jumpa kan? Pahala pun dapat. 

Untuk first minggu posting ni, 1st day, semua file yang aku sentuh.... semuanya involve respiratory system, aduhai. So, my 1st case was a 10 months old infant with rapid breathing, diagnosed with bronchopneumonia. 2nd day was even tougher, semua file yang aku sentuh kali ni involving CNS. Hmm, a young girl aged 9 years old came with light headed and dizziness/headache. I'm not sure what her diagnosis was. But my differential diagnosis were paediatric migraine, or hematoma due to head trauma (She had previous history of head trauma before). Well, she got most symptoms of migraine without aura. So yeahhhh. 3rd day? We went to the clinic and meet most of chronic patient came for check up appointments. I managed to clerk 3 patients in the specialist clinic. My first case was a 3 years old girl with bronchoasthma. Then, 2 years old girl with AVSD came for post-surgical check up. Lastly, a 10 months old baby boy came for monthly check up. He had acute idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura (ITP) when he was 1 month old, last about 2 weeks and resolved after taking some medication prescribed by the doctors here. 

My oncall day was on Wednesday. I and Amanina went to the ward and try to clerk few cases but we managed to clerk only one case. Another ITP case, but this time it was different. This boy is a 2 years old boy, came with bigger bruises on his left forehead. The bruises also found on his upper and lower limb, also at his mandible. He was said to have cervical lymphadenopathy. It could be a malignant case, and he was unstable according to one of the HO incharged. The boy look so active and very friendly to us. I hope he's gonna be okay. His mother was so nice and friendly. She gave us all the information that we need. Phewww... 

Okay enough about the posting. I'm tired. So yeah, I is going home bebeh! Tak sabar nak melahap makanan kat rumah. Tak sabar nak tidur sepanjang hari. Hahaha. Can't wait to be home.

Last oncall for 2016, with Amanina.


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