Case Write Up II Done !

10:17:00 PM

Omaigosh, this stressful and busy week eveaaaaa in my life. I need to brush up my skill in physical examinations, need to complete my case write up and also prepare for the seminar ! Exam will held on 13 December 2016, upcoming Tuesday. Phewwww, finally Seminar already past, and my case write up is done !
 It was tiring day. Tak cukup tidurnya lagi plus sibuk nak prepare for end posting exams lagi. Dapat tahu pulak probably the patient will be from the clinic, aigoooo ! Kalau dalam ward, at least dah boleh pergi clerk a day before exam!

So my first case write up was about 15 years old female student with right lower abdominal pain. My 2nd case write up is about a 47 years old housewife with painless lump on her left breast.

Hopefully semuanya dipermudahkan, in shaa Allah !

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