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Braces Color Picker  My daughter would have loved to see what the colors would look like before her braces appointments.  We'll have to do this the next time around and maybe I can steer her towards the pretty colors!!!:

Our topic here today is ORTHODONTICS.

Apa itu orthodontics? Let me explain it dear :)
Orthodontic ialah nama sains bagi braces tu. Haha, short and simple ^_^

Kiranya kalau korang ada niat nak pakai braces, korang kata laa kat nurse tuuu korng nak buat orthodontics. Tapi kalau korang kata nak buat braces pun mereka faham aja. Hehe.


My braces colors for when I get my braces tightened this month!:

Ini mungkin lebih detail : 

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth and jaws that are positioned improperly. Crooked teeth and teeth that do not fit together correctly are harder to keep clean, are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal disease, and cause extra stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and neck, shoulder and back pain. Teeth that are crooked or not in the right place can also detract from one's appearance.
The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime.
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If you have any of the following, you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment:
  • Overbite, sometimes called "buck teeth" — where the upper front teeth lie too far forward (stick out) over the lower teeth
  • Underbite — a "bulldog" appearance where the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth too far back
  • Crossbite — when the upper teeth do not come down slightly in front of the lower teeth when biting together normally
  • Open bite — space between the biting surfaces of the front and/or side teeth when the back teeth bite together
  • Misplaced midline— when the center of your upper front teeth does not line up with the center of your lower front teeth
  • Spacing — gaps, or spaces, between the teeth as a result of missing teeth or teeth that do not "fill up" the mouth
  • Crowding — when there are too many teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate
*yang saya highlight itu ialah masalah yang saya hadapi :)

Sumber : Colgate

tooth anatomy:

Before And After wearing braces :
Orthodontic Nomenclature:

Why do people need dental braces?
Andrew N Harris:

Dental braces are used to straighten crooked teeth, align upper and lower jaws, improve the aesthetics of smiles and faces, and relieve pressure on temporomandibular joints. Orthodontics refers to the use of devices to move teeth or underlying bone.
Teeth can be moved at any age. "Ideal" results can be achieved in most children but only in a small percentage of adults. This is because in children both the bone around the teeth (alveolar process) and the jaw bones can be molded by braces as the child is growing. In adults the jaw bones can be altered only by surgery. Therefore, it is recommended that orthodontic intervention be considered as soon as a problem in teeth alignment is noticed by the child, parent, or dentist.

I am not looking forward to that moment when I get braces it looks like her lips hurt:
The ideal age for starting orthodontic treatment ranges from 3 to 12. In children, the goal of orthodontic treatment is not only to create straight well-aligned teeth, but also to improve the facial profile that will remain stable throughout adolescence and adulthood. Orthodontic treatment in adults is more difficult. Those who undergo treatment should be aware that they will probably need to wear a retainer at night the rest of their lives if they want to maintain the results of the treatment.
Orthodontic appliances can also be used to help a child overcome the infantile habits of sucking a thumb, finger, or pacifier. Sucking habits are usually not a major concern unless they are perpetuated after age 6 or 7, when the permanent incisors and molars start to erupt into the mouth. If these habits persist in the presence of permanent teeth, then permanent changes in the teeth and jaw bones are produced. Sucking habits can create open bites where the upper and lower front teeth do not meet. They can lead to protrusive teeth and upper lips and protrusive- looking faces in general. Excessive sucking causes the muscles of the cheeks to constrict the upper dental arch. This contributes to a loss of space for the tongue to rest, and subsequent abnormal tongue posture or tongue thrusting habits. Sucking also causes the maxillary sinuses to constrict, which aggravates breathing and allergy problems.

The perfect smile is a delicate balance of size, shape and colour. The key is knowing what to reveal and what to conceal. People seek cosmetic dentist:

darker shade brace:

Sekarang nii dah macam jadi trend pulak pakai braces ni. Dulu sibuk dok ejek ejek si kawan tuuu gigi besi. Laaa nii hampa plak dok terhegeh hegeh nak pii pakai. Malu jaaa . Haha. Sebab apa braces niii jadi famous among teenagers terutamanya?


Sebab nanti warna getah braces tuu boleh tukar tukar colour. So nampak cantik laa gigi tu. And then, ramai pula budak budak yang hot or agak terkenal di laman sesawang yang pakai. Hasilnya, ramai yang mengikut jejak langkah mereka. Haha. Trend dunia sekarang.

Okay, I'll explain why I did braces.
Sebab my teeth before ni mmg okay. Even the dentist said my profiles are good. Cuma spacing and misplaced midline. Kalau makan daging tuu boleh jadi masalah laa juga pada aku. Terselit selit. Orang panggil gigi zig zag. HAHA.
Jadi aku rasa, why not aku pakai je braces nii di usia aku sekarang. Masih muda and belum terlambat untuk aku repair sikit gigi aku.
Dalam pada kita buat braces niii, we have to undergo few processes. 

What you should do?

1. Go to the nearest clinic and ask about orthodontics process. The benefit and the disadvantages wearing it. Ask for opinions from the dentist about your teeth. Maybe in your case, you don't have to do it. Save money already :)
As for me. I went to Zahida Dental Clinic in seksyen 8., Shah Alam.  Why I chose them? Sebab bila I search for the best dental clinic in shah alam, nama mereka berada di list paling atas :)
Yeah, they good. Klinik dia pun sangat cantik and kondusif. Selesa and the nurses are really good and friendly.

2. You will get a letter from the clinic for Teeth X-ray. Location for the X-ray? You may ask the clinic to give a refer letter to any places nearest.

3. After done X-ray, you will need to take those x-rays back to the clinic and set appointments to start the process.
I did my X-ray kat Klinik pergigian Uitm Shah Alam , berhampiran dengan fakulti pergigian UiTM in seksyen 7. They charges me RM 140.

4. Then, you will get your dental checked. As for me, aku kena tampal 2 gigi. Happy news? Aku tak perlu cabut gigi ! HAHA. Aku kena scalling which is cuci gigi. Tampal gigi tuuu , okay ja. But scalling? Whoaaaaa ! Demi Allah kesakitannya amat amat amat! Gigi aku kena gerudi tawwww.. sakit. serious sakit. Then, dentist ambil acuan gigi aku. Euwww. Dia letak cecair apa ntah.
Total cost for tampal gigi, scalling and acuan?
RM 250.

5. Lusa, aku pergi balik klinik tuuu and doktor dah sedia nak pasangkan braces :)
Siap pening kepala aku nak pilih colour getah. I chose metallic purple for my first braces. Hooray! Peminat tegar pink purple aku niii.

Laser Dentist in Colchester providing gentle cosmetic and emergency treatments. Call us today for a free consultation on 01206 589777, or find out more online. http://www.hellodental.co.uk/:

Cost pasang sahaja ialah RM1500. RM 31 untuk tools. Tools apa? Berus gigi orthodontics. Aku ada 3 berus gigi ! Which is aku kena gosok gigi setiap kali lepas makan. 3 berus gigi. 3 kali. Erghhh. Susah gila! HAHA.

6. Always attend your dental check up and treatment every months :) Jangan miss !

Cost semua sekali ?

1. X-rays : RM 140
2. Scalling, tampal gigi and acuan gigi : RM 250 ( Kalau perlu cabut gigi, dia akan charge lain utk each gigi yang dicabut. )
3.Pasang braces : RM 1500
4. Monthly treatment : RM 150 setiap bulan. For setahun, total RM 1800.

Total for a year : RM 3690 
Total for 2 years : RM 5490 ( ini kalau tempoh masa kena buka braces tuu 2 tahun. Tapi Zahida Dental nii ada package which is buat treatment sekali dengan mereka semua sekali RM 4500. Jimat laa sikit. Dari kena bayar RM 5490 kan? )

Disebabkan aku belajar di luar Malaysia, aku bercadang untuk buat treatment di tempat aku belajar je. Murah pun murah and more easier kan? Nnt kalau aku amek package tu, tapi treatment aku kena buat kat sana juga kan? Waste laa.

Certain people suka main cakap lepas. Sebagai contoh di sini :

"Eh, tak eloklah buat lagu ni kat gigi hang."
"Pasai pa plak tak elok ?"
"Pasai hang ubah ciptaan tuhan! Hang taw tak cukur kening itu haram sebab hang ubah ciptaan Allah. Haaa, nii hang dok buat gigi lagu niii. Astaghfirullahalazim..."

Memang nak kena penyepak -,-"
HAHA. Aku rasa.. aku tak ubah ciptaan Allah terhadap aku. Mmg terselit sedikit perasaan inginkan kecantikan. Tapi cepat cepat aku buang jauh perasaan tu. Aku buat niii reason aku seperti yang dinyatakan di atas sebentar tadi. HAHA.

Pengalaman aku pakai braces?
First day, sakit dan ngilu. Rasa seperti gigi aku kena tarik tarik. Besi dia bergesel gesel dengan mulut, buatkan mulut aku jadi ulcer dua dua belah :(

adult braces update with products used to help keep braces clean at home - toothpaste, mouthwash, floss on bathroom counter:

Tambahan dalam handbag aku lepas ini? Floss, orthodontic's tooth brush and Bonjella !

Back to School with Braces // Life Anchored #ad:

Susah gila nak makan. Kena makan something yang lembut lembut je. Tak boleh gigit ! Tak boleh kunyah ! Tak dapat makan daging and ayam :(
Erghhh ! Aku dah laaa Trex. Tak dapat makan itu ini. Sadis. Pergi open house pun makan sup soto jaaaaa ! T.T

If you’ve just started orthodontic treatment, you’re probably wondering what kinds of food are safe to eat while wearing braces. Candy and hard or crunchy foods can bend wires and loosen bands, so it’s best to stick with soft, nutritious foods. Take a look at this infographic to learn more.:

Pada mereka di luar sana, try to avoid pakai braces niii ! Susah nak makan. And memerlukan disiplin yang sangat tinggi dalam memberus gigi lepas makan. HAHA.
Mula mula jaa rasa macam nii. Lama lama nanti okayy la. Nasihat dari seorang sahabat yang sudah buka braces. Gigi dia cantik :)

The way, keeping your teeth clean and healthy is important, it is also important that you take proper care of the braces applied to your teeth. There are several things that can be done at regular intervals. Go through this infographic to know what all it includes, keeping the braces clean.:

Sabar itu sebahagian daripada iman :)
Kena sabar pakai braces niii. Okay sahabat sahabat?

Cara berus gigi yang betul:

how to brush your teeth with braces - Google Search:

This is me in 2014. Ada perbezaan tak? Hahaha. Well, my teeth dah okay, and dah tak ada space kat tengah-tengah gigi. Muahaha, Pakai braces ni buat aku lebih yakin untuk senyum nampak gigi. Confident tu harus ada, guys. Tapi sebab disebabkan aku pakai braces ni, orang ingat aku ni dentist student. Hahaha. 

To those yang nak pakai braces, silakan. Tapi, consider jugaklah tujuan asal korang nak pakai braces tu. Kalau takat saja nak nampak comel, nampak cantik or ikut trend, tok usahlah. Membaziak duit parents korang ja. And kalau tak pakai duit parents pun, duit korang tu still boleh beli benda lain yang korang perlukan :)

Good luck and all the best !


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